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The Story

A Minor Theory

A Minor Theory was a musical project by "Vox" and "Spinmeister" who first met on a now long gone remixing site, wrote and recorded 4 songs between 2006 and 2008 in a long distance internet collaboration and set them free to be remixed.

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This site serves as a fond memory of those days and as a tribute to their musical friends from around the world who have remixed those songs.

A Minor Theory started as a fun side project for both of us to have a little nostalgic fling with 1980s inspired synth-pop. However since we had met online through remixing (at realworldremixed.com), and thus experienced the musical joy of remixing, we made remix packs (separate files - often called "musical stems" of the individual vocal and instrumental parts) of all of our material. Quite a few talented remixers took us up on the offer and it became clear very quickly, not only that some remixes were better than our originals, but that each remix took the original into a new and interesting musical place.

So we're seeing our project defined by the remixes, more so than by our original versions and ourselves more as creators of musical sketches. Some of the remixes are amazing. There's no assumed business model here. All remixes packs are available under a creative commons license, which allow plenty of non-commercial exploitation. Music first, business models maybe later, maybe never.

In the meantime, we've moved on. Vox is busy with his projects Via Voltage and Wayside Drive. Spin can be found online at spinmeister.info. If you'd like to have a go at remixing any of our a minor theory songs, all individual parts for our songs are available as remix packs.

The Remixes

The remixes that were sent to us by the remixers are featured in the player widget at the bottom of this page. Or check out more remixes of A Minor Theory at ccmixter.org.

The Originals


What happened to the old site?

We received a notification from our web host, that our web software would stop working on May 1st, 2013. We're pretty busy, so a long software migration effort was not realistic to do. However, the memories - especially the musical one's - are too good to let disappear, so we've made sure we saved all the music. It can now even play on mobile devices, so that's an upgrade from the old site.

How can I contact you?

Messages to the A Minor Theory accounts of SoundCloud.com or ccmixter.org should reach us fine.